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The public relations project will move on three synergistic pillars: the media relations, the Digital PR (managed by L45) and the content production (managed by The Van Group). The project will be realized by a mixed team that will see professionals of L45 and The Van collaborate together, contributing with the specific professionalism.

Openjobmetis, is an employment agency committed since 2001 in the development of talents on the labor market. It controls four different companies: Seltis Srl, specialized in research and selection of qualified personnel for Middle/Top Management and Executive positions, Corium Srl, a leading Italian Outplacement company and Openjob Consulting Srl, specialized in the management of the financed training activities and Coverclip the innovative talent selection company that owns the Meritocracy platform.

“Start working with Openjobmetis gratifies and motivates us from the professional point of view, it gives us the possibility to communicate to the media and online regarding to a crucial topic: the work” states Simone Guzzardi, partner and managing director of L45.

“The Van Group knows very well the employment agencies sector, having gained a decade of experience, which we offer now to Openjobmetis. Moreover, this news is an excellent confirmation of the strength that The Van Group and L45 express on the market, especially when they work in synergy.” continues and concludes Luca Villani, partner and managing director of The Van Group and president of L45.