The results of the third edition of L45's research "Journalism in the Digital Age" has been published. Between new trends and established certainties, the institutional websites remains the preferred source for journalists
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We are a company specialized in institutional relations, both online and offline.

We build and defend the reputation of our clients through the cultivation of relations with their stakeholders, using classic media, digital media, social media.

We start with strong skills in digital communication and combine them with solid expertise in offline media relations to communicate with the reference audience of our clients, supported by carefully designed communication strategies crafted on a case-by-case basis and put into practice with method and professionalism.


We like to think but also to act.

We believe that these two activities are inextricably linked, especially in a profession like ours, in which consultants are simultaneously required to draw on advising, customer care and operational decision-making skills at every level of seniority. In a sector crowded with suppositions, we adopt a logical approach, basing proposed strategies on the analysis of available data and identifying the most suitable KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our actions. All without giving up on an important creative component but instead making its foundations even more solid.


Simone Guzzardi Managing Director linkedin

Born in Milan in 1982, he completed studies in communications, and since then has worked non-stop in the field. In over a decade of experience gained at some of the main agencies present in Italy, he worked for important Italian and international firms in particular in the financial, banking, insurance, ITC, food&beverage and manufacturing sectors. He’s a postgraduate Masters program lecturer and editor for online magazines.

He’s also passionate about music and a die-hard rider.

Margherita Daverio Project manager linkedin

Born in Pavia, Milanese by adoption and Swiss for a fleeting five years, she has been a Communication specialist in the public relations sector since 2009.

She has worked for major Italian and international companies and institutions, assisting them on their paths to digital transformation. She works with clients to plan their digital strategies, focusing on building and managing online reputation and personal branding.

She is Project Leader of L45’s digital activities.

She has always had a passion for writing and has a karate black belt hanging in her wardrobe next to a pair of worn-out ballet shoes. She is honorary empress of the foodie championship, and when she is not online you are very likely to find her in the kitchen (in practice, a life full of cookies).

Alessandro D’Angelo Project manager linkedin

Milanese by birth, residence and temperament, he graduated in Contemporary History at the State University (of Milan, of course).

A journalist, working in PR since 2006, he acquired experience in corporate and crisis communication in various sectors: work, media, marketing, insurtech, finance, non-profit, utilities and politics. Today he is project leader of L45’s Media Relations Area.

He says he is intellectually interested in everything to do with human existence, but we suspect this is just morbid curiosity. He shows his sense of civic duty by acting as polling station president at every election and by giving blood (often the two coincide) since he was 18. He lives at Barona with a wife, a daughter and a cat, all of whom come above him in the family pecking order.

Martina Mondellini Consultant linkedin

Born in Milan in 1992 but proud of her Parabiago origins (the town of shoemaking, and don’t ever forget), she graduated in Media Languages and Communication for Business, Media and Complex Organisations at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

She began her career working in communication at a number of agencies based in Milan until October 2017 when she fell in love with L45 (even if only eight months old at the time. L45, not Martina). She joined as an intern, with the chance to deepen her knowledge of both media relations and the digital and social world. Today she works in Social Media, with responsibility for every aspect.

She loves reading (one of the few advantages of being a commuter), Christmas and cooking, but, as her colleagues well know her schiscette (Milan dialect for lunchboxes) are hardly going to win her any Masterchef prizes.

Massimo Mendola Senior Consultant linkedin

After graduating in Law in Catania, his home town, he moved to Milan where he writes for several financial newspapers. Since 2003 he has been working in the field of corporate, financial, insurance and legal communication.

He has worked for several public relations agencies and as a freelance since 2013. He has collaborated with L45 since it was founded, working on communication projects for clients in the finance sector.

For a few years he collaborated with Radio NoLo (even if his voice was never heard, he did learn how to use WordPress). He describes himself as curious and passionate about travel, cinema, contemporary literature and Chinese cuisine. He would like to get a cat because he considers it to be an independent animal like himself, but he never decides and while he waits he plays with Ambrogina, his neighbour’s cat, who visits him when she finds the window open.

Hind Misbah PR Consultant linkedin

Born in Morocco, she grew up in Alessandria (not the one in Egypt with the Pharos, but that in Piedmont with Marengo polenta). After completing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations in Pavia, in 2022 she received a master’s in Business Communication & Digital Media from the Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Then she returned to Milan to join the L45 team as a PR consultant.
Long passionate about communications and social media, as a child she dreamed of becoming a journalist. She has worked for Italian and international companies in the field of marketing and communications.
She speaks four languages and has four younger sisters. She loves travelling and likes to discover the world’s culinary cultures: she’ll never say no to tajine, couscous, sushi, lasagne and, above all, tiramisu. A real cosmopolitan.

Stefano Affaticati Junior PR - Intern linkedin

Born and raised in Milan, he graduated from the IULM university with a degree in Communications, Media and Advertising, his great passions. So great that, during his university years, he woke up at five in the morning to work for a company specialized in press reviews and media monitoring. Considering the lifestyle of the typical Milanese university student, he didn’t sleep much at the time.

Today he is pursuing a master’s degree at the 24 Ore Business School and works for L45. So his life is still far from peaceful.

He loves tennis (especially Federer), TV series (especially Breaking Bad) and cooking (especially carbohydrates, in every shape and colour). He would like to get a dog, but he’s worried about leaving it alone too long and, above all, causing it to gain weight (because, like all passions, that for carbohydrates is also more enjoyable if it is shared with someone).



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L45 is part of IPRN, the leading international network of independent PR agencies and one of the largest and well established in the world in the field of communication. Founded in 1995, it currently has more than 40 members in 28 countries and over 80 offices across five continents.
Thanks to IPRN staff of over 6,800 public relations and communication professionals across the world,  L45 provides local knowledge and global reach for all the clients who demand international activities.
IPRN members meet each other regularly in order to assess and probe each other’s competencies and skills, learn about best international practices, case studies, business development and discuss the client requirements.


The 45th parallel represents the line equidistant between the North Pole and the Equator. It passes just south of Milan and it may be for this reason – maintained one important Milanese entrepreneur – that in this city there is such a concentration of activities uniting creativity with rigor like communication, publishing, design.

For this reason, we believe it is a perfect metaphor  of what we intend to do: combine passion and reason, method and the unforeseen, numbers and ideas.