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We are a company specialized in institutional relations, both online and offline.

We build and defend the reputation of our clients through the cultivation of relations with their stakeholders, using classic media, digital media, social media.

We start with strong skills in digital communication and combine them with solid expertise in offline media relations to communicate with the reference audience of our clients, supported by carefully designed communication strategies crafted on a case-by-case basis and put into practice with method and professionalism.


We like to think but also to act.

We believe that these two activities are inextricably linked, especially in a profession like ours, in which consultants are simultaneously required to draw on advising, customer care and operational decision-making skills at every level of seniority. In a sector crowded with suppositions, we adopt a logical approach, basing proposed strategies on the analysis of available data and identifying the most suitable KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our actions. All without giving up on an important creative component but instead making its foundations even more solid.


Simone Guzzardi Partner, Managing Director

Born in Milan in 1982, he completed studies in communications, and since then has worked non-stop in the field. In over a decade of experience gained at some of the main agencies present in Italy, he worked for important Italian and international firms in particular in the financial, banking, insurance, ITC, food&beverage and manufacturing sectors. He’s a postgraduate Masters program lecturer and editor for online magazines.

He’s also passionate about music and a die-hard rider.

Luca Villani President

He was born in Milan in 1965. After completing humanistic studies, he became a professional journalist in 1990. He worked at some trade publications, then at the Italian financial weekly Borsa & Finanza. At the end of the ’90s he was involved in marketing and communications in the financial field, first at Franklin Templeton and then at Sanpaolo IMI. In 1999 he and other partners created the communication agency Brand Portal, which he left in 2011 to found The Van.

He’s married, has two children, two motorcycles and a blog.



Digital PR & Social Media

Media Relations

Leader Image

Investor Relations

Internal Communication

Employer Branding

Public Affairs

Financial Communication

Corporate Social Responsibility


Sentiment Analysis (on and offline)

Web & Media Monitoring

Digital Footprint

Press Release Analysis


Communication & Reputation Strategy

Leader Reputation & Corporate Ambassadors


Social Media


Personal Branding

Crisis Management

Public Speaking

Social Media Policies


L45 is controlled by The Van Group , with which it shares work space and more. Indeed, thanks to its strong relationship with The Van, it has access to strong creative expertise, in particular in the production of editorial content, in internal communication, in the planning and creation of websites, in online and offline advertising, in addition to an established network of external collaborators and partners.


L45 is part of IPRN, the leading international network of independent PR agencies and one of the largest and well established in the world in the field of communication. Founded in 1995, it currently has more than 40 members in 28 countries and over 80 offices across five continents.
Thanks to IPRN staff of over 6,800 public relations and communication professionals across the world,  L45 provides local knowledge and global reach for all the clients who demand international activities.
IPRN members meet each other regularly in order to assess and probe each other’s competencies and skills, learn about best international practices, case studies, business development and discuss the client requirements.


The 45th parallel represents the line equidistant between the North Pole and the Equator. It passes just south of Milan and it may be for this reason – maintained one important Milanese entrepreneur – that in this city there is such a concentration of activities uniting creativity with rigor like communication, publishing, design.

For this reason, we believe it is a perfect metaphor  of what we intend to do: combine passion and reason, method and the unforeseen, numbers and ideas.