This is what emerges from the second edition of "Journalism in the digital age", our research conducted on a sample of over 200 Italian journalists. 20 Feb 2020

The Italian headquarters of LinkedIn was the theater for the presentation of our research "Journalism in the digital age", now in its second edition.

To collect the necessary data, we consulted two hundred and four economic and financial journalists, who answered eight questions about how the network and social media affect their work. The interviews were conducted over a four-month course, from June to October 2019.

Here are the main data that emerged: the journalists who consult online sources for the preparation of articles are now 98.6%, with a percentage of 68.2% declaring to use them "often" or "always". The first online sources are the articles of other newspapers (75.5 %).

As for the search for news, the most popular are LinkedIn (43.8%) and Twitter (27.6%). In communication between journalists, Facebook is still dominating the scenario with 61.7%, an increase of 22%. The social media most used by journalists to talk to company managers is still LinkedIn (85.9%), on which 87.9% of respondents are present.

The presentation of the research was accompanied by a round table at the Italian LinkedIn offices in Milan, with the participation of Moreno Ferrario, Head of Sales Large Enterprise LinkedIn Italy, and with the comment of the journalist Marco Giovannelli, president of ANSO (National Association Press Online) and Director of, and Simone Guzzardi, partner and managing director of L45, moderated by Luca Villani, President of L45 and partner of The Van Group.

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