Clients loyalty at 95%. The project leaders, Margherita Daverio and Alessandro D’Angelo, enter the team 11 May 2021

L45 closes 2020 with a 25% growth in revenues. The milanese PR agency belonging to The Van Group, led by Simone Guzzardi, partner and Managing Director, continues to grow thanks to new clients in the reputation, employer branding and crisis management fields. In addition, other than new clients, the client portfolio has been strengthened during the past year: 95% of clients decided to keep working with L45.

The reinforcement project of the agency began in 2020 with the arrival of Margherita Daverio in the role of Project Manager for the Digital, Social Strategy and Employer Branding areas.

While at the beginning of 2021, the team welcomed Alessandro D’Angelo, the new Project Leader for Media Relations activities. Both of them have a consolidated and long-standing experience within the PR realm.

In a difficult year like the one just passed, good economic results and the investments for the broadening of the team allow L45 to continue to be competitive in a dynamic and developing market, such as the PR one. With The Van Group, L45 is able to provide integrated services to its clients, standing out as the ideal partner for those enterprises – from SMEs to big international firms – which are seeking innovative and qualitative formats to build or reinforce their own awareness.

“During a difficult year, the market looked for advanced solutions, intended as digital and countable. Our strength has been to be ready in front of this change: the market has quickly evolved, but we were already where the market has arrived. Because of this, we registered a good year and we invested in primary professionals, as Margherita and Alessandro, looking with faith at the future. For sure, 2021 is an uncertain year, but we are already working with our clients in order to start recovering in the best way, because in this new normality, the reputation is a key element far more crucial than before”, claims Simone Guzzardi, L45 Partner and Managing Director.

“L45’s growth and the birth of Blueroads, the live communications society managed by Lorenzo Dossena, along with the creative skills of The Van allowed us to create an integrated group, which is able to elaborate and develop original ideas on multiple platforms without losing its coherence: today more than half of our clients asked for the services offered by two or more agencies of the group and we believe that this fact is going to grow in the future years”, claims Luca Villani, L45 president and The Van partner.

Until now, L45 is proud of a team composed of 6 professionals and a network of external collaborators for the management of specific projects. Currently, active clients are 18, 40% of which are also clients of the other agencies of the group.

Moreover, L45 keeps asserting an international presence thanks to its beloging to IPRN, the main international network of independent PR agencies and one of the biggest and most affirmed in the world in the communications field.