The collaboration between the Milan-based agency, part of The Van Group, and the innovative financial project is renewed. Various communication activities are planned, including, from this year, media relations. 04 Feb 2022

HOPE Sicaf S.B. confirms its trust in L45 also for 2022 and does so in the best way possible: by expanding its communication consultancy to include media relations. The Milan-based PR and digital PR agency won the competition called last December by the company led by Claudio Scardovi. After an initial period of collaboration of six months, starting from June 2021, the agency part of The Van Group will continue to support HOPE's communication in a key year for the benefit company located in Piazzetta Pattari, adding to the consulting activity also the PR proficiency. The team is composed of a project leader and three professionals, under the supervision of L45's partner, Simone Guzzardi.

HOPE is an innovative project in the Italian financial and economic panorama. It is an independent investment platform, led by Claudio Scardovi, which aims to contribute to the development and recovery of the country, investing in companies with high potential and innovation and in urban regeneration and real estate projects. HOPE is also a Benefit Company, which combines its economic goals with the choice to produce social and environmental benefits.

L45, together with The Van and Blueroads, the other companies of The Van Group, has supported HOPE since the beginning of its activities, in mid-2021. Corporate image, advertising campaigns, content, podcasts, website, social media and events are the many areas of communication followed in recent months. Now this work can continue in 2022, which will be an important year of consolidation for HOPE. In addition to the continuation and development of the activities already underway, L45 will be added to an additional task: media relations.

"We can only be happy for the continuation and enrichment of this partnership," said Simone Guzzardi, CEO of L45. "The experience of L45 and more generally of our group in the financial sector has always been one of our characteristics but HOPE is a unique project, for us it represents not only a first level client but also the opportunity to give our contribution to a stimulating project based on values that we feel very close. So we thank HOPE for the trust and we start this new chapter of our collaboration with great enthusiasm, strengthened by a close-knit and quality team. Thanks to our belonging to The Van Group, we are able to represent also for HOPE a complete and strongly integrated interlocutor for all communication activities".