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A meeting.

Drums is the meeting between work and art. It is the occasion to meet and to meet each other, to speak and to listen, to face each other, to contaminate each other, to go out and to come back. Let’s not forget that the real subject of our work is to find what we were not looking for.

And practically speaking?

It happens very often that, while working, we meet people that along with their work activities, also cultivate an artistic activity: photography, illustration, painting, poetry, music and video-making. Drums is the meeting point between both dimensions. Drums is a series of exhibitions, dedicated to our friends and collaborators, hosted in our offices. A permanent micro-gallery. That always changes.

(But why Drums?)

Drums, as the first fundamental form of communication: a blow, a vibration, which then becomes a sequence, a rhythm, a pulse. Doesn’t it always start like this?

The first exhibition.

Mappe arboree (literally “Arboreal maps”, in English) by Alessandro Vicario, on March 21st at pm 6.30. To read more about it, here is the page dedicated to the project.