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In a nutshell: L45 (together with The Van) has started to collaborate with the confectionery giant, developing employer branding and internal communication projects for the Italian-Dutch multinational.

The first project involves employer advocacy, that is the role of employees in the promotion of the corporate image: an extremely relevant issue at a time in which the use of digital media is redefining the rules of corporate communication.

For its implementation, L45 and The Van have combined their respective expertise: knowledge of corporate digital communication on one hand, internal communication and employer branding on the other.

«We are delighted to begin this journey, we hope long, with an important Italian company owning legendary brands that also represents a recognized benchmark in product communication, something that further stimulates us», commented Simone Guzzardi, partner and managing director of L45. «The new communication moves along the boundary between targets that for a long time were considered to be separate: employees, talents, stakeholders, who in the end are all also consumers. We have found open and enlightened interlocutors, and the potential of this project, and hopefully of others that will follow, is enormous», added Luca Villani, partner of The Van and president of L45.