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On the occasion of the Mashable Social Media Day, we presented the first edition of the research “Journalism in the digital age”.
The research theme is fundamental for a company like ours, which has in its DNA the meeting between media relations, digital PR and reputation management. This is why we decided to directly contact journalists, with whom we work daily.

This confirms the confirmation of a profession profoundly changed by the digital revolution that took place in particular in the last fifteen years.
Journalism and online reputation feed each other.


Here are some of the main data that emerged:
The journalists who regularly consult online sources for the preparation of articles are now 90%.
The first online sources are company websites (82%) and articles from other publications (75%). The role of Wikipedia and online encyclopedias also emerges (14%).

The main social media used by journalists as sources of news are LinkedIn (40%) and Twitter (28%).

The social media most used by journalists to talk to business managers is to a large extent LinkedIn (76%).

Update 01.10.2018: We really thanks Pier Luca Santoro and all the Data Media Hub, an Italian landmark for those that need data about media, to have published our research.